a la Villarroel

Life cuts, short monologues, thoughts, stories, small dialogues, beginnings of something, fragments of stories, some facts, photos of our reality, words to be thrown against the walls, with no frills, no makeup. Four actresses multiply into all women in the world to talk about what surrounds us. Stories of crisis, of wanting to leave, of dissatisfaction, written in four hands, with lots of humour and a spicy touch.








EL PAÍS  04/11/11

Short monologues, reflections, stories, short dialogues, pieces of stories, announcements… snapshots of reality that cause, through the four main characters, cathartic laughter and smiles of complicity among female spectators and laughter of recognition among male public.” BEGOÑA BARREÑA

EL PAÍS  14/01/12

Next Year Will Be Better is half-way between Altered Women by Maitena and the dramatic model that was invented nearly twenty years ago by T de Teatre in Men!, only that now these women have to deal with getting older and with the crisis, like almost everyone, and the background is much more acidic because everything looks bleak. The show explains (through bursts, flashes, in collage, and directed with great spirit by Mercè Vila Godoy) the stories of these women in their thirties who want to change jobs, apartment, life, everything; who want to go back in time or into a less uncertain tomorrow; who would be content with a casual fling “in a hotel of at least three stars”. These are women fed up with being called “lady” by 20 year-old boys and “doll” by men their age; sick of mothers who have their babies’ ultrasound in their mobile phone; of having to pay for dinner in equal shares when they only had a salad and a beer to be frugal; tired of having to go hooking up on Saturday night, tired of those who say they will call and then don’t, and of those who say “It’s not you, it’s me”; and of being left by email, voicemail or even by post-it.”

“(…) a great sense of comedy timing dominates. There is great colloquial language and great intuition, something rare in our theatre. This show’s success (which I guess will also have in Madrid and on tour) is due to this team that has been able to connect with the audience and give them something they wanted to hear on stage: something that goes beyond the usual monologues style that proliferated so much a few years ago to the point of fatigue.” MARCOS ORDÓÑEZ


Next year will be better is available in Catalan and Spanish.