de Marta Buchaca, guionista i dramaturga

Isa, Llum, Barbara and Lluna are four friends who have shared joys and misfortunes for years. Isa is single and the only thing she thinks of is that jerk, the married man she went out with for years and whom she left for dignity rather than conviction. Llum is single and regularly visits Pep, her psychologist, who instead of encouraging her only tells her that at her age she won’t find a decent man. She tries nevertheless. Bruna is not single; she’s been living with Ingrid for years. She should be the happiest of all, but things are never what they seem. And Barbara is a successful woman, both at work and with men, but one day she makes a mistake she had never done before: she falls in love.
They are Emergency’s main characters: women who suffer and share emotional emergencies. And amidst all, Manu, a man who arrives from London, lost, and who lands on Isa’s flat without knowing what he’s jumping into, but who will play a very important role in the future of all three women.



Emergency is available in Catalan and Spanish.