de Marta Buchaca, guionista, dramaturga i directora de teatreThe day that Alicia 10 years ago, they give her his first cell phone, but the white rabbit steals it and she chases after him to retrieve it. Alicia will have to travel the country of the wonders until arriving at the palace of the movable ones, where you will find a queen who loses the head by the new technologies and that will put the very difficult things to return home. With this trip, Alicia realizes that she can not live as she did, stuck to the cell phone, since the real world is lost. The protagonist will discover the value of imagination and reading, and learn to use technologies with criteria. Viu el Teatre presents us with a contemporary and up-to-date Alícia. The story that we all know, but set in our times, where children coexist with technology on a daily basis. A musical comedy with a lot of humor, that will make big and small laugh.